Domiciliary Hopitalización

It will have access to our program of domiciliary hospitalization in the services of medical care, Therapeutic of all type and infirmary.


We are sure that with these options that we offer to him to its company, it will be able to realise his administrative workings with greater effectiveness, of agile and opportune way.

Clinic of wounds

Integral attention to the patient according to its needs of treatment, with a trained professional equipment in the suitable handling of any type of wounds.

Medical services Vital Health

We are an equipment integrated and focused in covering specific needs in the rehabilitation and treatment, according to the pathology of our patients. We are qualified before the health secretary, fulfilling all the parameters, standards and exigencies that allow to guarantee an suitable service us, warm, opportune and satisfactory. We consider this as a really important news, hence, we are using a vps hosting in order to make sure that the news will be spread evenly. However, not only that we are using a good hosting service, we make sure that it is also providing what we need, for example OsCommerce software. Choosing a dedicated server that you actually really need is the most important key after all. 

Taking of Sample and Clinical Laboratory

Our objective To offer to diversity of diagnostic aid (laboratory€¦ .

Zion Oxígenos entrance of Colombia

Clinical laboratory

Medecine administration

To offer diversity of diagnostic, clinical aid of high quality, (clinical Laboratory, toxicology and cytology) through which is obtained a real and agreed diagnostic interpretation to€¦

Particular infirmary

To clear the early discharges and the pos debit of urgencies in patients of handling ambulatory or domiciliary high-priority medecine administration who can be handled in ours€¦

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We make its available a team of nurses, described for the care as patients at domiciliary level and clinical hospitable In medical services vital health we specialized in the care of the greater adult