Medecine administration

Our objective

To clear the early discharges and the pos debit of urgencies in patients of handling ambulatory or domiciliary high-priority medecine administration who can be handled in our I.P.S.

To realise the preparation, reconstruction and administration of safe medecines in the patient, controlling the possible side effects, adverse reactions or medicinal interactions, Guaranteeing therefore the satisfactory conclusion of the therapeutic process of the patient.

Our personnel

In our I.P.S we counted on professionals (Medical, Professional of infirmary, To help of Infirmary) suitable described and on experience in the medecine administration.

Our Infrastructure

Vital health I.P.S is qualified and suitable to offer to our users a warm and comfortable attention, in addition our rooms of individual procedures, allow a customized and independent attention, accompanied by equipment with the technology required according to the pathology of the patient.

Additionally our users will have access to specialized ergonomic chairs in the application of the medicine, as well as wifi cable TV among others.

Beginning process of medecine Administration

  • The entrance: The patient exceeds to our I.PS with the medical order provided by his respective organization for the administration of the medicine, this will have to be signed and sealed, by the treating doctor. (oncologic drugs Would not be administered)
  • Registry and Programming of appointments: diligenciamiento of documentation referring to the medical conditions of the patient for the medecine administration (medical history and informed consent), added to the delivery of information in relation to the indications, contraindications and factors of risk in the administration.
  • Once the previous registry has been realised will come to the programming from the appointments according to the periocidad and established frequency.
  • Administration: it will be come to administer the medicine according to the engineering specifications of the manufacturer, therapeutic observations and effective standardisation evaluating and controlling adverse reactions to medicine R.A.M or undesirable effects.

Medical devices and drugs

We will provide the following consumptions for the benefit of the service:

  • Parenterales solutions
  • Buretrol
  • Equipment of venoclisis
  • Teams of Bomba de Infusión
  • Venous catheters
  • Salinizados corks
  • Syringe


If the organization requires it we are in the capacity to guarantee the transport of the patients between organizations (Hospital or Clinic €“ Vital Health IPS) or (Address €“ Vital Health IPS) for the beginning of the pharmacological treatment.

We are sure that with these options that we offer to him to its company, it will be able to realise his administrative workings with greater effectiveness, of agile and opportune way. We invited it so that it knows our services of first hand and a representative of our commercial force solves the restlessness to him that he on the matter has of our welfare and therapeutic professional services with human quality.

It works with nostotros

Our continuous growth makes look for new talents us

Occupational medical examinations

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