Clinic of Wounds

Our objective

To offer integral attention to the patient according to its needs of treatment, with a trained professional equipment in the suitable handling of any type of hurt and ostomias, with the use of dressings and consumptions of high tech.

as responsible for a reduction of I number of interventions, as well as of pathological alterations or processes in the satisfactory conclusion in the rehabilitation of the patient.

Our personnel

We count on a multidisciplinary equipment specialized, knowledge abilities and experience verified in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with any type of hurt and/or ostomias. This, this conformed by; doctors, professionals in infirmary, bacteriologist, dieticians and aids of infirmary. Which, from the allocation of the patient to our model of services, will take part positive and professionally in the opportune rehabilitation and the recovery of the state of health of the patient.

Beginning program of clinic of wounds

  • Valuation: In order to include to the patient in the program of clinic of wounds, a consultation of carrosfvaloración would be realised, or in the address or our I.P.S, with the purpose of to determine the therapeutic needs of the patient as well as the diagnostic aid with which it is oriented to the rehabilitation.
  • Allocation therapeutic encounter: according to the handling plan, one will define the periocidad and frequency with which one will be found to the patient, agendandoce the therapeutic cronogram of all the period
  • Session of rehabilitation: direct intervention of the pathology of the patient according to the plan of handling, institutional protocol and alterations you identify.
  • Control and pursuit: according to the type of complexity of the wound a professional specialized in the rehabilitation and treatment, would evaluate the evolution and condition of the wound and for being necessary determined a new plan of care, as well as, interconsultations diagnostic aid, guaranteeing the diminution of factors of risks and harnessing the correct healing.
    With photographic recording of the wound.
  • Debit of patient: Where the specialized professional determined the conclusion of the treatment according to fulfillment of the objectives proposed at the beginning.

Classification of Hurt and ostomias

Low complexity: hurt in phase of epitelización without infection, whose diameter Is inferior to 8 cm. Includes any corporal location, escaras stage I.

Such as: Clean and Surgical wounds

Median Complexity: extensive and deep wounds in phase of granulation, without infection, with diameter this between 8 and 12 cm, Include burns whose corporal surface does not surpass 20%, for any age, any location.

Such as: Ulcers by position stage II and III.

High Complexity: extensive and deep wounds in phase of granulation, infected, with greater or equal diameter to 13 cm. Escaras stage IV or infected stage III. Any location.

Such as:

Hx Contaminated
Hx Exudative
Hx Colonized
Necrotic Hx
Hx Fibrinoide
Hx Cavitadas
Hx Multipatológicas

Complex wounds (special): Patients with more than a wound, or a wound and a Ostomía, or any other combination of hurt and ostomías. Any location. Any stage of escara.

Pathologies of Intervention

  • Burns (inferiors to 20%)
  • Necrosis
  • Diabetic foot
  • Mamelonado weave
  • Exudative weave
  • Ostomias
  • Central venous catheter
  • Hurt contaminated and become infected
  • Amputation and Trunnion
  • Open abdomen
  • Ulcers by position
  • Venous ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Eventraciones
  • Processes of healing of second and third intention.
  • Contaminated surgical wounds
  • Orthopaedic contaminated and not contaminated.

Devices (dressings) of high tech

  • Hidrocoloides
  • Alginates
  • Absorbent dressings
  • Dressings with activated charcoal
  • Absorbent sponges
  • Hidrogeles
  • Collagenase
  • Recombinant factor of human epithelial growth
  • Dressing adherent type fixomul and I am transparent
  • Protective barriers
  • Bags of colostomía


Microbiology: Taking and analysis of culture of secretion with antibiograma, KOH and hemocultures)
Hematology (haematic picture, times of cuagulacion)
Sanguineous chemistry (Glicemia, Glicemia pre and pos loads, glicosilada Hemoglobin.

Diagnostic aid

Medical services vital health offers integral attention to the patient with ostomias of feeding and elimination, generating favorable conducts of self medication and taking care of and diminishing own alterations of estoma.

Professional of infirmary would realise integral valuation to the atomized patient in who she determined alterations and own resources of the care (barriers leather and bags collectors.

Professional of infirmary would realise weekly visit during the first month, or is to the address or in the I.P.S where she generated educative processes to the caretaker and the patient with the purpose of to give to a correct handling to ostomia diminution of factors of risk and prevention of pathologies.

Our I.P.S offers services among others, the accomplishment of smaller procedures to patients of low complexity such as:

  • Passage of vesical sounding
  • Passage of nasogastrica sounding
  • Retirement of stitches
  • Safe medecine administration (nononcologic)
  • Treatment of wounds
  • Taking of electrocardiogram
  • Micronebulización.

It works with nostotros

Our continuous growth makes look for new talents us

Occupational medical examinations

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