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Rights of the patients

All patient has right to the respect to his personality, human dignity and social, economic, religious and/or political privacy, without she can be discriminated for reasons of racial type.

The patient has right to being informed and being oriented on the administrative policies of Medical Services Vital Health and their Promotional Organization of Services of Salud (EPS).

Its right to be taken care of by a doctor and generally, by the different professionals from the health that it requires, within the resources available, for the treatment of its disease. In case of absence or nonconformity, another doctor or another professional of health, will assume the attention that requires the patient.

The patient has right to an amiable and courteous treatment.

The patient must right to receive complete information and continues of all that with his disease, including diagnoses, procedures and interventions that are going away to him to practice and the risks that this treatment entails, all information will be given in a comprehensible language. Also its right to that their relatives or representatives, in case of inconciencia, mental impediment or minor allow or reject these procedures, leaving expresses written certainty of its decision.

Their right that all the information of the medical history are briefed according to the effective standardisation, is dealed with confidential and secret way and that, only with their authorization, can be known, or by legal exigencies.

Its right to die with dignity and to that its will is respected to allow him that the process of the death follows its natural course in the final stage of its disease.

The patient has right to that a correct technical attendance is provided to him, with competent personnel, respecting his privacy, security and integrity.

The patient must right to know the means through which she can present requests, suggestions, complaints and reclamations, as also receiving a verbal answer or in writing.

To receive information on the social security system, especially concerning its particular situation, to the economic costs in agreement with the covers of the social security and the additional plans that credit.

Duties of the patients

The patient must have to take care of his health and the one of the others.

The patient must have to know the administrative policies his Promotional Organization of Salud (EPS) and his Lending Institution of Services of Salud (IPS) for the benefit of his services.

The patient, their familiar legal representative or must have to fulfill in their due time, with all the norms, necessary requirements, authorizations and proceedings, before the Promotional Organization of Salud (EPS) to which is affiliate, so that Medical Services Vital Health him can serve required of health.

The patient or his relatives must have to inform into clear, opportune and certain way the facts or situations that condition or modify their state of health and all the happened circumstances to be able to offer the necessary care him.

The patient or his relatives must have to take responsibility and to be active part, on the accepted treatment subsequent to the attention, as well as the indications offered by the medical or paramedical personnel.

The patient or his relatives must have to express in writing their will of not accepting some treatment or procedure.

The patient or his relatives must have to collaborate with the fulfillment of norms, regulations and instructions of the institution and the treating equipment, as well as, to have to try to all the personnel with respect.

The patient or his relatives must have to sign the medical history, subsequent to the benefit of the service, or the consent informed for the benefit of the attention.

The patient or his relatives must have to take care of and to make rational use of the resources, facilities, grant and services that Vital Health or its Promotional Organization of Salud (EPS) for the attention of its health offers him to Medical Services.

The patient or his relatives must have to canalize by the chain of command their requests, suggestions, complaints and reclamations related to the benefit of the services.

The patient or his relatives must have to inform the fraudulent facts opportunely that they perceive themselves during his attention and to collaborate with the competent authorities to correct them.

In the services of domiciliary attention the patient must count on a suitable caretaker, capacity to make decisions and to have permanent availability of time for the benefit of the services.


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