Professional infirmary

We make its available a team of nurses, described for the care as patients at hospitable domiciliary and clinical level In medical services vital health we specialized in the care of the greater adult offering customized attention oriented to diminish risks and of fortifying its active participation in its familiar surroundings.


Techniques of feeding (by sounding and oral route), bathroom in bed, suitable medecine administration by oral route, prevention of ulcers by pressure, handling of ostomías, mobilization and shifts of position of the patient. (these activities are supervised by a professional equipment of Infirmary)

Modalities on watch:

  • Turns of 8-12-24.
  • Change of soundings
  • Treatments
  • Medecine provision
  • Change of soundings

It works with nostotros

Our continuous growth makes look for new talents us

Occupational medical examinations

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