Program of domiciliary hospitalization

Our main target is to guarantee our patients, from the hospitable debit; it is that it can be taken care of suitable way, offering the tranquillity them that from their homes tendran a permanent medical support, from all the basic asisenciales areas, integrated by an equipment of therapeutic professionals and professional infirmary, for all type of chronic, acute pathology, incapacities and end of life.

It consults Doctor

  • Hospitable debits
  • Domiciliary average consultations
  • Clinical pursuit: Committee of
  • Weekly treatment (execution of medical plan vital treating equipment health)
  • Reading of laboratories
  • Telephone pursuit
  • Medecine control


  • Professional infirmary
  • Taken care of wounds it lowers, average and high complexity
  • Ostomias
  • Basic cares
  • Smaller procedures
  • Medecine administration
  • Samples of laboratory
  • Training infirmary plan
  • Training and saving dressings of high cost
  • Audit and supervision of turns of helping and support
  • Turn of special support

Domiciliary therapies

  • Respiratory therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Therapy of language
  • Physical therapy
  • Clinic of dream

Ample Cover

medical services vital Health offer a cover to them in bordering zones (Fusagasuga, Girardot, Melgar, Anapoima, the Table, Funza, Chía, Sopo, Mosquera, Zipaquira, Facatativa, Level, among others)

It works with nostotros

Our continuous growth makes look for new talents us

Occupational medical examinations

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