The S9 system

  • „¢it establishes the new standard of comfort of the sector for the treatment of the apnea of the dream. Equipped with new benefits outposts that exhibit the capacity of innovation of ResMed and its dedication to obtain the fulfillment of the patient, the elegant S9 system offers everything what you and your patients need €“ and more.
  • Benefits
  • The new design of the platform is elegant and easy to use.
  • The interface of the user with viewfinder to color offers a menu with design intuitive and a button to press and to turn that it facilitates navigation, to reduce the time of configuration and to increase the acceptance of the patient.
  • The humidifier optional H5i Integra easily to the S9 equipment and offers climatic control to increase the comfort and thus to foment the use of the CPAP.
  • The new motor with technology Easy-Breathe de ResMed reduces the lead noise and is extraordinarily quiet, which does easier to integrate it in the style of life of the patient (and of its pair).
  • The AutoSet algorithm

„¢perfected, that now allows to detect the central apneas, it maintains the ideal pressure and one adjusts of automatic form during all night providing an optimal treatment.

The SlimLine tube

„¢he is thinner 20% and 40% lighter than the standard tube, reason why it exerts less resistance on the mask and allows to obtain a greater flexibility.

The adapter of the tube owns an intelligent design, that allows to connect it and to assemble it with greater facility.

Maxima comfort with the climatic control

The thermal humidifier H5i de ResMed offers the control of the advanced humidification more. When using the thermal tube ClimateLine

„¢, the H5i with climatic control measures and calculates five central variables €“ room temperature, ambient humidity, total flow of the system, humidity provision and temperature in the mask €“ to provide of automatic form constant levels of temperature and humidity, and to maintain them when the conditions modify in the course of the night (and when they change the stations of the year). The patients can form their ideal temperature using simple controls, and the climatic control system is in charge of the rest. Thanks to it, the patient does not have to as much worry about the dripping and the inconvenience, and has a greater control on the treatment.

„¢Series II.* As a result of it, the equipment does not generate more noise than the normal breathing and the patients enjoy a completely new level of silence and comfort.