Design and implementation of the system of management, security and health at work

Surely if her organization is interested in implementing, designing or to redesign the SG-SST, she is because they have a high commitment and responsibility to offer and to improve the conditions of work and control of all the risks included in the development of the same, in addition to fulfilling the legal exigencies. The approach I practice that we give our clients, allows that the organizations, independent of his size or commercial activity, can accede just to our methodology of implementation, investing in his workers, guaranteeing and assuring the continuity and sustainability the business to a price.


Our methodology is based on 5 pillars


Hygiene and industrial security

We look for to preserve the health and the physical integrity of its Workers, is why by means of the evaluation, control and prevention of the risks, we mitigated the exhibition in which they are by his labor activity. For our work party the priority is to diminish risks of labor accidents as much as labor diseases, thus our plan of work is directed to that her organization executes our scheme in front of the management and prevention.

Occupational medical examinations

According to the indicated thing by the ministry of the social protection (Resolution 2346 of 2007), the occupational medical valuations are of obligatory nature. Its transcendence is of impact, since it allows so much to the employer as to the worker to know the conditions of health before the entrance, during the entailment with the company and at the time of the retirement; as well as other examinations of special character.

Medical examination of entrance
Medical examination with emphasis to osteomuscular
Periodic medical examination
Medical examination of retirement
Medical examination pos-incapacity
Clinical laboratory
Specific examinations (works in heights)
Application of psychological Battery for psycho-social risk
Psicosensomé;trico examination

Consultant's office in legislation in security and health at work

The effective standardisation that AT WORK regulates the SYSTEM OF MANAGEMENT OF SECURITY AND HEALTH ACCORDING TO the 2015 DECREE 1072, establishes a series of requirements which they conform the duties and rights that have the organization and her workers, thus we are in professional conditions to orient, against viabilizacion of the processes that are due to carry out in the organization thus to mitigate risks and unnecessary fines.

Plans and brigades in emergency


Planning and execution of Maneuverses.
Consultant's office in conformation of Committees in emergency and support battalions.
Consultant's office in signaling and demarcation of work areas.
Valuation and evaluation of the risk.
Design and documentation of the Plans of Emergency.
Design and documentation Plan of Evacuation.

Biomechanic risks

The organizations of nowadays are conscious in maintaining and promoting the detection in labor risks. Then with an early detection and policies of prevention, their workers would mitigate the different problems from health and in addition they increase the efficiency at work.


When a worker is in a job realising some type of repetitive action, they increase the possibility that he develops an injury. (Forced Positions, repetitive movements etc.) It is obligation of the employer to offer a program that avoids these risks as also of the worker inclining by its self medication.

Our work party is quick to offer to an analysis and a plan of professional work, in which its company will have a complete program according to the activities of its organization, in who it lessen these risks and it avoided some type of indemnification that can be caused to its workers.
Analysis of jobs Supports to restorations Programs of promotion, prevention and Qualifications

Application of the psychological battery in psycho-social risk

In the last years this risk by the dynamism has been increased that generates the competitiveness of the organizations, is by that the work ministry has put special taken care of in this subject, because health problems such as (anxiety, stress, lack of concentration, apathy, lack of creativity, etc., negatively repel in the deterioration of the Well-being and the Quality of Life of the workers, hitting the productivity and the labor climate, bringing with himself serious problems in the operation of the company if they are not detected in time.

Our methodology identifies the origin of these risks, with the purpose of determining what aspects of the organization are due to harness and which to improve or to change. For this reason, it is essential a correct analysis and evaluation of the psycho-social risks with the purpose of to prevent them and/or to solve them. It will be applied of aucerdo to norm GTC-45.

Qualifications directed to the necessity of its company

The employer must define the requirements of knowledge and practice, in security and health, at work necessary and to maintain combat formation for its fulfillment, with the purpose of maintaining and to prevent labor accidents and diseases.

For this intention it is necessary to develop a program of qualifications that facilitates the awareness of risks dangers, that it must as well be transmitted at all the levels of the organization that are developing missionary activities.


PREVENTIVE QUALIFICATION: It is oriented to anticipate the changes that take place in the personnel, because their labor activities, become routine and its performance can vary with the years, their skills can be deteriorated and make obsolete their knowledge. CORRECTIVE QUALIFICATION: It must as objective solve and apply the corrective ones before the factors of risk, presents in the different activities, with tools as diagnoses, studies and analysis of the same.

Plan in emergency
Habits of healthful life
Monitoring Epidemiologist
Investigation of incidents and industrial accidents
Order and Cleanliness
safe work
policy of alcohol and drugs
work in heights, among others

It works with nostotros

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Occupational medical examinations

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